All new students of Hunters Hill High are invited to join the Hunters Hill Dance Program. The Dance Program welcomes boys and girls whether they are novice, beginners or advanced dancers.

Due to popularity and to keep the troupe to a maximum of 24 students, students may need to audition for the jazz troupe. No auditions are required for Hip Hop and Tap.

The program is run by the P and C to complement the school’s Creative and Performing Arts Curriculum. Classes are taught by professional dance instructors, Miss Kate Hickey from Evolution Performance Centre taking on the Tap and Jazz troupes and Hideboo from Dancekool teaching the Hip-Hop troupe.

The three dance classes are held at 7.20am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Performance Space, beneath the assembly hall. The dance groups perform at local and regional concerts, Eisteddfods and in several school events like Open Day, Variety night, Orientation Day and Presentation Day.

Dance fees are in addition to standard school fees and cover all associated costs including tuition and competition entry fees. Dance Tuition Fees are $250.00 per semester. The one-off costume fee of $100.00 for each dance genre (Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop). Fees are payable each semester (costume fee payable in first semester) and are subject to change.

Dance classes will start early next year. Listen for announcements made at Assembly and look out for emails from the P&C. Please fill in your email details on the P&C membership form so we can let you know what is on.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please feel free to email

The music and dance enrollment form can be downloaded here.