P&C Next Meeting

  • The next P&C AGM and General Meeting is to be held on the 15th March, 7:00pm in the school Staff room
  • Agenda and related documents will be made available approx 1 week prior to the meeting

Attendance and Voting at P&C Meetings

Attendance at P&C meetings is open to anyone with an interest in the High School.

Voting at P&C meetings is only open to members of the P&C. Membership is open to all parents of pupils attending the school and to all citizens within the school community. To become a member You can sign up for membership online via our website: https://www.hhhspandc.org.au/membership-payment

P&C Meeting Minutes - 2020

P&C Meeting Minutes - 2019

The P&C Constitution and Rules

As an incorporated Parents and Citizens Association, our constitution is decreed by the NSW Government.

Our Rules, By Laws and other Guidelines are open for the P&C Association to decide.