Tech Crew

All new students of Hunters Hill High are invited to join the Hunters Hill Tech Crew Program. The Tech Crew Program welcomes boys and girls who have an interest in the “behind the scenes” of stage, sound & lighting.

The Crew is generally kept to a maximum of 10 students which ensures everyone can have a role during performances and also allows for backups should anyone not be available for specific events. Any more than 10 students can make it difficult for the Crew to run as a cohesive unit.

The program is run by the P and C to complement the school’s Creative and Performing Arts Curriculum. Tutoring sessions are held in the hall every second Wednesday afternoon from 2.30pm – 4.30pm. Our tutor David Betteridge from Loud & Clear Audio Pty Ltd has a great deal of industry experience and works with many NSW public schools offering similar programs. Loud & Clear have the added benefit of having a team with a range of skillsets, which David can rely on throughout the term to assist in the delivery of the tutoring program.

School Collaboration

The Tech Crew are called upon by the school to assist with events such as Open Day, Variety night, Orientation Day and Presentation Day, along with standard school assemblies and various in-house school activities where tech equipment is required, for example the Colour Run. Where possible the Tech Crew run these events without any external assistance. If it is a complex event Loud & Clear or other external suppliers may be requested to work with the students.


Tech Crew fees are in addition to standard school fees and cover all associated costs. Tech Crew fees are invoiced per term at a rate of $35 per tutoring session which on average works out at approx. $175 - $210 per term.


Applications to commence Tech Crew can be taken at any time throughout the year, however we do ask that participants commit for at least 2 terms. The Tech Crew enrolment form can be downloaded here.

Further Information

Should you have any questions please email us at and our Tech Crew coordinator will contact you.